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Sambor Street – the Garden of History

Picturesque scenery of Gniew is created by the streets surrounding the temple. The Sambor street has got the most fairytale appearance, which is often compared to the Golden street in Prague, with characteristic single-storey houses originating from the I half of the XIX century. It is a typical example of the small town buildings located outside the main town square.

The original interior layout of the home at Sambor street contained two chambers – the front and back one, between which the four-sided chimney was located. To make this unusual street even more attractive, the Garden of History has been created on this street, at the initiative of priest Zbigniew Rutkowski, which presented ten most important events in the history of Gniew. The garden is a must see for the visitors, while the formula of learning through play is especially attractive for the youngest tourists and residents.

On July 1, 2010, Sambor street in the Garden of History has been inhabited by the mascot of Gniew – Miś Maciuś (Bear Maciuś). His presence in the city is associated with a legen: During the battle in the vicinity of Gniew, in 1626, between the Swedish king Gustav Adolf II and the Polish king Zygmunt III Waza, residents of the city set out to help the ones who were fighting. When the bells in the St Nicholas church sounded for the mass, nobody came. Whereas the wild animals, spooked from the forest with the bang of the canons, came, which led by Bear Maciuś, prayed for the peace. Perhaps this is only a legend, but some people say that even today, in the evenings, you can hear the murmur of a bear.

The monument of Maciuś is made of bronze. The figure measures 75cm and weighs 30kg. The bear – as the only man in the city – has got his own seamstress and a lot of clothes, as he takes on different characters in the first week of each month. Bear Maciuś of Gniew can be seen not only in Gniew, but also in the Museum of Bears, which operates in Zakopane.

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